How Do You Develop Positive Attitude?


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Attitude comes with experience.
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The answer is in your question itself. Thinking always positive. Looking always in the positive angle. It is not easy tambi It comes by practice. It is easy to say but difficult to implement, if we try we can have a positive attitude
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To Find Humor In People.. Places.. And Most Of All When Things Are Going All Wrong Tell Yourself It Can't Get Any Worse Or You'll Turn Into A Pumpkin..  If Someone Yells At You; Imagine Them With A Big Old Cream Pie On Their Face. Or Or Ink Spilled All Down Their Shirt.  If Nothing Is Going Right.. Then Tell Yourself It Can't Get Any Worse Or The Whole Room Will Turn Into A  Bowl Of Jello. If You Have Had Lots Of Unfair Things Happen To You.. It's Just A Test To Make You Stronger. And When Those Things Happen Again.. You Will Just Smile And Say  I Can Handle This Now.. It Doesn't Bother Me..
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Are you really Artsiders's mom?
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Hey Artsiders!! Samstr97 Asked If I Am Your Mom!!!!! I Already Am A Mom 3 Times.. That's How I've Always Talked To My Sons..
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U r 51 Yr Old.., that's way .....................,
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At some deep level, consciously or unconsciously, you have to decide that you want to have a positive attitude.  It is far easier to find the negative in people and things than it is the good.  Occasionally, you must look and/or search for the up-beat or positive side of things but it can be done.  I had a very dear elderly friend that had a rash of bad luck/horrible circumstances come her way in the period of a few months.  When I expressed my sorrow for her and what had happened she said, "In the over-all scheme of things, these things are merely bumps in the road of life.  I shall get past them and my life will continue on.  It will be different than it was before but my life will go on."  Then she hugged me and said, "Don't cry for me, dear friend."  That little lady had just had her house burn to the ground and her granddaughter had been murdered only months prior to that.  What strength and what a positive attitude! It's all in how you look at the world and your circumstances.
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It takes practice to be happy. Getting someone to remember that the sun will always rise...that every bad situation will get better and its not the end of the world if things don't go your way can be tough at first. But, you sure can feel the effects of being happy quicker then feeling the effects of being least that's what I think. :D
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Use both sides of your brain...always consider the common good.
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Keeping on track of yourself, doing the best job for yourself negative conflicts, are best to be avoided.
Try to also be happy.
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Imagine in your mind the worst thing that could happen & then you will be grateful it did not. It has a way of seeing things better when you always have the attitude "things could be worse."
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Every day when you wake up, ask yourself how you can make this the best day you ever had.
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You have already done the first part....You have considered it... Now just follow through...consign yourself to look up not down.....
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By keeping it all POSITIVE.. That in every failure there is always another success..  If you fail in something it just means that there are other much BETTER things awaiting for you..=)
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First of all, love yourself, with all your faults and weaknesses.  Forgive yourself your stupid mistakes.  Then you are developing a positive attitude.

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