Do You Think That Physical Attributes Are More Important To Maintaining A Successful Relationship Or Do You Think That Friendship Maintains A Relationship?


6 Answers

tracy deines Profile
tracy deines answered
I think the communication and compassion towards each other is the key
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
While physical attributes may initiate a friendship, they alone cannot maintain it.
Cheryl Regina Villanueva Profile
Physical attributes are just secondary when compared to the relationship such as friendship that I have with anyone. Friendship is even beyond physical attributes for it can never fade if it is genuine unlike the physical make up of a person that fades with time.
walter jedyk Profile
walter jedyk answered
Friendship maintain a relationship.
Joan Profile
Joan answered
The physical looks or build of a person will change with time and deteriorate.  The compatibility, caring, and love that develops in any true, lasting relationship only grows stronger with time.  If your relationship is built around looks, it will not be an enduring relationship.

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