Do You Prefer Comfort Or Looking Good?


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I think as I got older, I realised that I could look and feel good without having to put on a ton of makeup and dressy clothes, just to go to the store.  I grew up in the 60's, where you rarely went out anywhere without all the eye makeup, foundation, jewelry etc, on.  Now I know that with a pair of comfortable jeans, a neat, clean sweats top, my hair styled in a casual neat manner, the comfort I feel is the attractiveness that comes through to other people.  I think when others sense you feel good about yourself, it doesn't matter what you're wearing -- your personality shows a confident and happy person -- and to me, that's a huge attraction.  I have to admit, though, I don't think I could do the pajamas thing out in public -- I'd be too embarrassed to do that.  LOL!!
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I prefer my comfort, although I think we can look good and be comfortable, I don't waste time with a lot of make-up, only if I feel like it,  if I am going to a mall or shopping I am not going there to impress people, I am going to enjoy myself. I know if I am going with my mother or sister, they feel the need to get all dressed up to go get the mail! I can go and get my shopping done and be back before they are even ready to go!
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Jason Moran
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I feel the same way...I think sometimes people should stop thinking that dressing comfortable whether sweats or pj bottoms are such a sin...and maybe should try it once in a while
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I'd prefer comfort. How will I feel good knowing if I'm not comfortable in my appearance or with what I am wearing. I think in order to look good, I must feel it....
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I usually wear what I like regardless of style and go by comfort, but would have to say I wouldn't go out in my pajamas.
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I think you can look great and feel comfortable too. They have so many nice looking sweat pants with great fabrics, put a little makeup on some gloss and go to the grocery store. I also wear my tennis shoes, I feel good and comfortable to.
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I think you can look good and be comfy.  There are so many clothing options these days.  A nice pair of loose cotton or linen pants and a nice t-shirt will get you through just about anything without having to look sloppy.  Of course a nice pair of sweats is acceptable to.    But makeup and all that I don't feel is necessary anymore except for special occasions.
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Hello Jay7622, I prefer comfort, I feel that if my hair is brushed face is good, nothing wrong with going out to the store or mall in a pair of sweats or pajama bottoms, Not all the time but you need a break every now and then, I like to watch peoples expressions on their faces when I go out in the grocery store, in my stretchies. Lol take care
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I'm a slob, it does not matter what I wear, as long as I am properly covered. I could care less about public opinion.
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You can be comfortable and look good at the same time, I say there is no point wearing something that looks good but it too small or big on you because it makes the piece of clothing less attractive.

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