Do You Treat Your Family & Loved Ones, With The Same Consideration & Respect, You Show Strangers And Associates?


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I don't think that our relationship here, or with the family and friends that come to our home, would be as happy and enjoyable if we didn't show consideration and respect for one another.  We try to handle all situations with respect for each other and for ourselves.  It's nothing at all to say Thank You, Please, or You're Welcome.  People feel good about courtesy when it's extended to them.
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I certainly don't think they deserve any less.  The atmosphere won't usually be the same around family and loved ones as it is around strangers and your peers, but for me, I always respect the wishes of my sister at her house, at my parents' house, and in the homes of my friends.  I expect nothing less when they visit my apartment, or they won't be coming back.  Good manners are a way to make others feel comfortable in your presence.  It also indicates that you respect them, and it really isn't so hard to do.
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Yes always,penny the simple things but people don't know they have to be that example and you get as good as you give,but yes I do always please,thank you all the normal things that we have try to in still in our children and if you have reared children this should be automatic after doing it so often that is like practice and practice makes perfect,you would think....
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Penny Kay
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Yes, my son is a very kind and respectful person. We did not even allow namecalling in the yard. To play at my house, people had to use manners.
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Being gracious and smiling as part of your job can be very taxing. So when you come home to your family you can just be yourself. This doesn't mean you respect them less, quite the opposite as you feel no pressure to put on an act. Thats why family is important. You can be yourself with them and they will respect you as you do them. :)
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I am the one who is treated differently by my family,but no matter what they do or say about me,I have never treated them as they treat me,nor will I whether it is a stranger or friend they can call on me day or night and I will drop everything to go and do what it is they need done just like I help those who are not my family I treat everyone the way I would like to be treated decent and respectful,were I to forget this I would deserve to be treated like I do not exist.
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Well... I am a Firefighter Paramedic, I see things that no one should see. YES it does mess with your mind.....But you should have the same respect that they have shown others...SPEAK .... LISTEN....UNDERSTAND..... It's all good.
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Absolutely. Probably even greater than strangers, although I try my best to treat everyone with respect and consideration, unless they do or say something to prove that they don't deserve it.
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My mom would say I am the only one who calls to chat instead of calling to barrow something like money. I hope I am not a check it at the door person.

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