Do You Think That Humor Rather Than Stress Lengthens Your Life, Why Do You Feel The Way You Do?


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Olivia Lopez Profile
Olivia Lopez answered
I think laughter lengthens your life. Mainly because if you're stresses all the time, you have a lot of negative energy built up. You are basically finding ways to release it when you laugh. Plus, I've heard it's healthier than walking around with a big stress cloud over your head. (I did my best! : )    )
Michelle New Zealand Profile
Humor definitely lengthens your life.  I like to laugh and to be happy.  Humor makes you a better person and everybody likes you because nobody wants to be around someone that are always walking with a straight face.  Stress definitely shortens your life.  Ive seen what stress can do to people.  It can cause all kinds of illnesses.
So don't wary be happy
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
It is proven that when you frown, you start to feel the effects of that, as with smiling. You start to feel better, and you think better, as well as eating, and your all around being is better. It promotes healing too. My husband is a notorious stresser, and he is always suffering because of it. He looks old for his age, whereas, I don't look my age.
Steven Vakula Profile
Steven Vakula answered
Absolutely! Stress shortens everything and last forever! Humor extends but doesn't last long enough!
Humor makes my world go far as stress...I don't know 'cuz I have none...spending too much time in the humorous portion of life.....♥Nassy
You ask very thought provoking questions...kudos to you, my friend.
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Karl Sagan answered

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