Do you think that you need a man/woman in your life?


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Dear Zack,

I really like what Matt Radiance wrote for you here...

* * *

I myself am single never married age 72, and I would like to think that the wonderful men have been in my life not out of my need, but because of the unique beauty of our special relationship.

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I need one man in my life ... My husband of over 30 years!  But I don't think everyone "needs" that .. Unless they find the right person for them.  Better to not so much need someone ... Then you might make bad choices in who you choose to need.

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I most definitly do. I have four kids with him. I need him to help me raise them. After that, I will need him to help me with my walker! LOL!

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Because I love my husband, I need him. With that said, I am an Army wife. I have dealt with more emergencies and natural disasters without him around. I can do most things on my own. And if for some reason I end up without him, I will be alright on my own.

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Yep, just one. After 28 years married to my (still) breathtaking wife, there is absolutely no question she is a primary need in my life. There is no ME: there is WE, each balancing the other, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Virginia Lou
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Oh Dear Z, that is SO archetypal...Joseph Campbell spoke in almost the same words of his wife...wonderful...
Call me Z
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Thanks, Virginia. Any time I can compare favorably to Campbell is a welcome moment.
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I need water, air and food. I want people in my life.

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Some might do. Circumstances are always different.

But personally, i never felt such a thing. I always been busy finding myself, creating myself and realizing  who i am and who i want to become and where i really wanna go in my life. And my understanding and concept of this life.

I never understood the concept of "Need" (when you fall in love yes you might feel the need of that person in your life, that's called love) but i mean i'm totally blind how people start to look for dating others like crazy!!!!. To me it's like they're addicted or something, it's like their life is incomplete without dating, breaking, drama, fights, then some romance then fights again then another new date. Can we settle down little bit please ?

I never dated anyone back in high school and i'm still alive. Most people were crazy for parties, dating and finding opposite gender and hook up with each other and i was like "Meh : /"  when boys were crazy about girls i was improving my favorite skills. Then i met my girlfriend out of nowhere. I never looked nor gone crazy and i met the most amazing person in the world.

The funny is i never dated anyone and i'm giving relationship council to lots of people teenager and adults and they have been dating all their lives like it;s been a competition.

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People who need people are,

the luckiest people in the world.

It would be a pretty lonely world,

if you were the only one.

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Call me Z
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Viva l'Italia, i soui tesori sono l'invidia del mundo.
Virginia Lou
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Oh Rooster, I just have to translate this for you, what the Z wrote for wonderful... (from the translate site)

"Viva Italy, its treasures are the envy of the world."
Virginia Lou
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Hmmm....I might have egg on my face....Rooster you might even speak Italian...
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Do I need a I WANT a man in my life! I enjoy romance and love and snuggling and doing things together and sharing and just being together!

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