Have Your Ever Heard Of Friendship Bread?


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There is also an apple cake friend recipe. That would be lovely to have again. I seem to remember you pass a cup of the mixture on to your friend and leave it somewhere hidden for a day or so. Not too sure as it was at least 12 years and a 250 mile move in between.
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Maybe that was the one that I was given. It seems that it may have had something to do with apples. But yeah, you were supposed to leave it out for a day or so. Not 2 weeks. It was all foamy and stinky. not friendshippy at all. well, maybe like one of those bitchy mean high school friendships...I felt so bad about it. My friends all laughed at me. And I'm a really good cook so they thought it was even funnier.
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Yes, it is a starter and is shared among friends just like a chain letter. One person makes the bread and gives the sample to one of his friends. Then the friend makes his own and passes it along to his friends. It is commonly used as a Christmas present.
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I have had it before, but have since lost the recipe, and would love to get it again. I have a group called the Soup Group, if you get it, would you please leave it there? It is good too. Thank you.
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A friend gave me some last year. It was like a liquid starter that you added some more ingredients to. But I forgot about it and it spoiled. Fortunately the friendship did not spoil...
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Yes, and we've made it many times, and into things like bread and muffins.  It's great, because once you have the starter, you can add different things.  It's a favorite around our house!

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