Are You One Of Those Who Are Habitually Late?


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On the contrary. I am always early or on time for meetings appointments, or whatever. My mom was one of those who could never be on time. I hated it. It annoys me no end to be kept waiting. I feel that if I can make the effort to be on time, so can you.

I don't believe one can't change that habit. They may not look at it this way, but it's rude, and it sends a message of disrespect.
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I have a friend who is habitually late and completely unapologetic about it. She doesn't seem to think there's anything she can do about it, although I don't think she's ever made an effort.
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I have a habit of not waking up on time.. So then I am in a rush to get wherever.. And I end up being 5-10 mins late, constantly. I try and try to correct the problem. I set my alarm for earlier, but i hit the snooze while im 3/4 asleep. But when it comes to non-morning appointments, I am always on time. And yes, I kick myself everytime I am late for work, but can not seem to remedy the problem
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I am not habitually late, but I have been late before, unintentionally. I do have a bit different sense of time on the whole, and tend to be fairly open-ended about arrival when given the option, but I try to make people aware of it in advance if I'm not going to be somewhere exactly at the planned time.

LOL!--My oldest sister used to arrive hours late for things like family gatherings. We used to wait for her before letting the little ones open packages on Christmas morning at my parents' house... But we finally wised up. We joked that we were going to tell her Christmas was the 22nd just so she would arrive on time Christmas morning.

My daughter is usually late with informal social engagements, and I don't find out in advance, so that sometimes drives me a little nuts. She really is punctual in other areas of her life. I wonder if she just feels like scheduling isn't such a big deal when it's an informal "visit". Who knows?--

Also, it's interesting that "on time" interpretation can be quite a cultural thing. Our friends from Venezuela are a good example. In their cultural view, dinner at 7pm means arrive sometime after 7pm to visit and enjoy each others' company, and we'll sit down to dinner after that social piece is done...whenever that might be. I have learned to understand this about them. We get to visit so rarely, and I know they don't mean anything by it--it's simply their custom, and I don't think they could eat a bite without that social time beforehand :) !
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I am constantly late. Trying to get my husband and son out on time is worse than pulling teeth. It happens so often in our family (my group is not the only one late, my sisters are bad too) that now if we set the time for a gathering say at 1:00, my daughter in law will say, "Is that 1:00 regular time or does it mean 2:00?"
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I'm the opposite, if i have a set time to be somewhere i am there usually always on time or early. I like to be early though because if you already there before everyone else you can have some time to yourself to do whatever... Listen to ur i-Pod, wander around, whatever you feel.

I don't mind people who are late, cuz i know that it happens, but if they just flat out try and avoid your gathering as long as possible then i get kinda mad. I never get mad at people who are late also because there is always someone that is going to be late whether they are late all the time or not.
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My husband and I don't try to be late, but for some reason it seems to turn out that way. Our intentions were good, but still we arrive late. I feel it's different if you try your hardest to get there on time and something comes up, then you couldn't control that situation. We both truly feel bad if we are late.
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I got to admit I am so late if I know I can afford to be late.Therefore
I would always choose a job with flex schedule rather than one with more money and rigid hours, so I can set my own clock.I also can be very much on time when needed and will do whatever it takes to keep the promised time.And yes I hate being late,..but it happens !
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I used to have this problem when I was younger (back before they had clocks). I even lost a couple of jobs because of it. I think part of it had to do with the fact that I was going to jobs I didn't like and in my immaturity I was somehow trying to delay going or sometimes avoid going altogether. I have, for the most part, solved the lateness problem. Now all I have to do is work on the going-to-a-job-I-don't-like problem.
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I always used to be early for gatherings, no matter what the occasion, so I could help in the kitchen but since the MS I'm generally a few minutes late for everything (even though I start getting ready an hour to an hour and a half before we need to leave!)

I know it can be construed as rude and I do call to let our host or hostess know we're runing a few minutes behind, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

It seems that the harder I try the worse it is, so I guess I'll stop trying so hard! LOL!
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I'm habitually early. I plan for the traffic lights all to be red, for there to be a train blocking my way (I have to cross a track to get to work), for there to be a traffic accident, etc.

If it's a gathering, I simply wait a bit before ringing the bell, ask the hostess if I can assist her, and so on.

I do believe habitual lateness is rude, especially to events with definite start times (weddings, theatre performances, etc.)
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My family has never been on time for anything. Everyday i just barely make it to class on time. I played softball for ten years and was never once at a game on time. My sister and i normally came in something after warmups and at first the coaches were really mad and threatened to bench us but we were friends with their daughters, plus two of the best player on the team so they never followed through. Its a bit annoying always being late but people i know already know that i'm constitenly late so they either don't mind anymore or they just don't care.
No i am always early , so i can get done with whatever i am doing or going to the doctor.
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Amanda Horeld
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My personal belief is, if you are constantly late- you are definitely trying to make an entrance of sorts. You want attention and this is one of the only ways you can get it. I cannot stand it when you make plans with somebody or there is a meeting that has been organised, and there is one person whom is always late. I always arrive at least 10 minutes early to everything I attend. Because I take in to account - the traffic, last minute chores to do, and I also get up early enough just in case something may not go according to plan. I also have two children and one has a major disability. So, there are no excuses for being constantly late.

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