what do you think about feminism and for those women who are against it?


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Feminists have accomplished a great deal. I'm old enough to remember how women were treated in the 1940s and 1950s. We've come a long way since then. There may still be some little distance to go but the gap is nowhere near what it was.

Women opposed? Well, Mrs Didge is opposed only if somebody wants to call her Ms Didge. She's happy to be a Mrs and doesn't want that changed to suit somebody else's terminology.

Dame Edith Evans was also opposed and once said, "If they want to be like men, why can't they be like gentlemen?" The problem with that, of course (to further mutilate Leo Durocher's famous comment) is that nice girls finish last. Sometimes you just gotta use some muscle.

Have a listen to this song by Peggy Seeger. I think it spells out the problem women have faced ever since we used to drag them around by their hair.

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Dear Anonymous,

Regarding feminism, I think the terminology is inaccurate, and that is a hindrance. For example, the notorious gender gap in life expectancy...    Men die younger than women.

I am suggesting that the oppression of women is ONE symptom of a societal imbalance that is equal-opportunity unwholesome for everyone. And the early death rate among men is simply another, less recognized symptom of the same yin/yang imbalance.

And that restoring balance for the benefit of us all is our more fruitful focus.

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Not much thinking about the recent brands of feminism.

There would have to be many women against the recent concepts in feminism, or indifferent to it,  because only about 25% ( at most, some numbers say 18% ) of the US population identifies as feminists, even though feminists use the fallacy of definition to increase those numbers.

Then there is the guilt tripping. "Feminism did so much for you that you must be a feminist." Another logical fallacy.

The analogue would be, " The Republican party freed the slaves so all black people should be Republicans."

One could think of many more counters to feminist guilt tripping and ideological incoherence.

As a biologist I could only be an equity feminist, a type rare these days. Today's feminist is generally a strong social constructionist and is ignorant or opposed (wrongly) to what is naturally know bioloigally speaking.

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I am all for equal rights and equal pay. However there seems to be a good portion of feminist in the news that have taken it all to a unrealistic level. They want special treatment because they are women. They are just making thing bad for everyone. There are also those few who blame others for their short comings and cry discrimination. 

About a decade ago, there was a group of eleven women who sued a Florida based company for discrimination. The company is well known for treating all its employees well. During the trial, which was watched carefully by many Florida residents, there were women who worked for the company protesting outside because the felt the lawsuit was baseless. As the case progressed, the women's work history was made public. It was easy to see why none of them were promoted. Because of women like them, especially in a very public case. They make it harder for those who do have a valid case come forward.

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Well feminism is no longer needed nowadays since women not only have equal rights to men, but in some instances more rights than men. As for the women who are against it, I'd say they don't have a problem. What they're against is the idea that women in Western Countries are being oppressed, which isn't true. They're tired of hearing feminists spread a bunch of myths that are designed to scare women.

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