How do you all feel about self harm? Are you for it or against it? All opinions are welcome.


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Self-harm is a dramatic symptom of a very serious problem. Whether its cutting, attempting suicide, substance abuse, binge eating or dieting, or even chronic overexercising, there is major dysfunction that needs to be dealt with, professionally or otherwise. No one of sound mind can make a case that self-harm is a correct course of action.

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I've done it. I took a razor blade and cut my right arm four times. I wanted to get rid of some mental pain I was going through. I cried instead. Not because of the physical pain of cutting, but what drove me to do such a thing.

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Not sure why anyone would be for self-harming.  People self-harm in an effort to try to refocus the pain they're feeling inside by hurting themselves on the outside.  If they would just get help to fix what's really bothering them inside .. They would have no desire or need to self-mutilate.

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How can anyone be for any form of harm? Self harm is a symptom of a bigger problem. Anyone who is harmng themselves in any fashion needs to get help. The reason I say any fashion, is becausing cutting yourself is just as bad as being a drug addict. In both cases you are doing harm to yourself and not dealing with the real problem.

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There is ALWAYS a huge problem when anyone participates in self harm.  It is never a positive thing to do.  Anyone doing or considering doing this should see a qualified professional. 

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I've never understood why a person could be in so much pain that they would deliberately and permanently disfigured themselves😩.

I knew 3 people who deeply cut all over their arms, wrists and legs, front, back, those scars are forever and two turned in horrific keloids that can't be hidden😔. All refuse to seek mental help and one self medicated her wounds that turned in horrific keloids. Their reasons for cutting was varied and some were😨.

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The concept of feeling better in some way and at some level by inflicting that sort of pain and injury on yourself and have it bring the person relief has always caused significant cognitive dissonance in me.

And yet, when I read this question, for the first time I realized that I will scratch a mosquito bite to the point of causing pain to counteract the overwhelming itching.

And by having both some pain and some itching, I prefer it to the overwhelming itching.

(Just an example of what I mentioned earlier about facts re-assembling themselves to provide me more understanding.)

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First of all, i'm really enjoying reading these answers! Many great understandings over the subject. It's nice to see it.

Personally, i'm against it. No one can give a green light to self-harming. We should be against it and we should understand it. Because more the society understands what circumstances cause a person to go through self harming. They could take steps to try and help the person through. To come out of this habit. To fade away the main cause, the reason,  the head of the pyramid who leads to self-harming.

"Gem is the only material who can cut the gem, pain works like that, pain can heal the pain" specially when you be alone. (when there be no one to practice you and show you other ways)

If it wasn't for Linkin Park, to hear many pains i've had through them with lights of hope, to sing them along and scream them loud, to listen to them everyday. And watch stories like "Crawling" music video. I could've been in self-harming.

Crawling in my skin, these wounds they will not heal, Fear is how i fall, confusing what is real,without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take.

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