I Realy Want Dimples Im A Teen And I Want Surgery But It Is REALY Expensive And Piercings Hurt And I Dont Want Them Beacuse They Hurt,and I Would Not Where The Piercing Is There Any Other Way I Am Desprate I Realy Realy Want Dimples I Even Go In?


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We all want something we do not have.   Boys want muscles or to grow tall or to have wide shoulders etc..   Girls want a different color hair or smaller feet or dimples.   What I am saying,   is that you are not weird, you are totally normal.   You must understand that you will always want something different than what you have.   Even if you had dimples you would what something else: A smaller waist or bigger boobs or a straighter nose.   None of us are ever totally satisfied with what we have or who we are.   But, why make yourself miserable wanting something that God did not give you?   Remember, God does not make mistakes.   He must have thought you were just perfect the way you are.   It is just your own idea that causes you to want dimples.   Don't try to out guess God, you are perfect the way you are.

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