How to stop being ticklish?


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The mantra of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) folks is "try it on everything." I would be surprised if you didn't get at least some relief using these techniques. Check it out. There is no cost except an hour of your time. And try it on everything.

One of the things you might want to consider is what you give up when you give up being ticklish. Your relationship with those who tickle you will change. As will your ease (and safety?) in different situations where you might touch or be touched. The desire to maintain status quo in these areas can prevent you from becoming un-ticklish. EFT can address your fears/concerns in these areas, too. In fact, you probably *must* address them before you will achieve results.
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If  you are ticklish  .. True there is  no  way  that you can  stop  it , but you  can control  how  you react  towards  it .. Its all about  mind over body ..  If you  are  prepared  to be tickled  you  can tell your self not to react .. It  works!
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There is nothing you can do. I have been ticklish my whole life and I am now 43 and still am.
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Its a natural body reflx reacting to an external stimuli for which there is no solution for

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