When you say someone's name by accident that you dont mean to say ... Does it really mean that they're thinking or talking about you?


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phil peacock Profile
phil peacock answered
:)  It's happened to me a few times, but I just think it's concidence.

For me, I say my ex's name sometimes, but stop as soon as I realise (before the word is even pronounced).  But that seems to be because I loved her so deeply,  and she ended the relationship not me, so she may never really leave my mind 100%.
Now she wants me back, but it was too late, I'd been nailed down unfortunately.  Oops.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Not at all, it may just be the situation brings up past memories with someone and the name associated with this certain memory just blurts out but in no way, mean that this person is thinking or talking about you and if by chance this occurs, its purely coincidental at best

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