How Do You Tell If You're Having A Boy Or Girl?


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You can't tell unless you get an ultrasound. God will determine the sex of your baby.
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I can very well understand your anxiety and curiosity to know whether your unborn child would be a boy or a girl. It is something that every expectant parent goes through. There are several myths and beliefs which can supposedly predict the gender of a baby but science proves that most of them are just myths and do not have any actual basis tot heir assumptions. There are a few medical tests that you can go through which would help you to find out the gender of your baby.

A good gynaecologist or a good obstetrician would be able to guide you which test would be most suitable to you. Some of these tests are ultrasound, amniocentesis, CVS or chorionic villus sampling and DNA blood or urine screen. Each of these test employ a different method and you can choose one of them to determine whether your baby is a boy or girl by consulting with your doctor.
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If you have a ultrasound you would see if its a boy youll see its dick if a girl you wont see on god knows what it will be before you even have sex

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