How Do You Get Married Biblically?


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Get married in the Church of God! Take recourse to the Bible because it has glorified the sanctity of marriage. Be clear in your heart and mind about living with the person you love in times of joy and sadness.

There are quite a few passages in the Holy Bible that pertain to marriage. Genesis 2.24 explains marriage as leaving one's birth family and giving oneself to one's spouse. One stops being one and becomes a couple at a certain point of time in life. Mark 10.6-9 reveals that the central aspect of marriage is that God joins pairs two people together in the presence of witnesses. You have to be united in front of God's eye to consummate a marriage. Ephesians 5.21-33 tells us that a marriage is not a private thing between a couple, but an act of partaking in the Body of Christ. You have to make a public commitment to the covenant of marriage in the presence of supporting witness for a marriage to take place. This is the most important thing in a Biblical wedding. The place of the wedding is not an issue. The above Biblical texts can give you meaningful insights about a Biblical wedding.

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