How Do You Get Married By Court In Chicago Illinois?


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Well to get married in Chicago Illinois you will first have file for a petition which has to be done at least one month in advance. The necessary details shall be worked out.

You will first have to apply and receive a marriage license; it would be helpful if you check with your local marriage bureau in order to check, which necessary documents you will need to submit to obtain the marriage license. Traditionally you need to submit birth certificates tax information, and other necessary official documents. Make sure that you don't apply for the marriage license to soon because in certain states marriage license do expire quickly.

Also keep in mind that when you apply for a license, you'll not only require proof of identification and age, but you will also need to provide information on earlier marriages if any.
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You go to the court and you say "Hello I'm wanting to get married in Chicago, Illinois court house." And they say all kinds of stuff. Then it takes a while for all of the paper work to get filled out. Lastly once all of the paper work is filled out you are married. Ta Da!

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