Who Was The Most Organized Person You Know And Describe Their Characterization


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Myself.  Yes and let me tell you one thing its a pain to be like that because you think that everyone ells must also be like that.  My watch is set 10 min faster in that way I know that I will never be late.  I always got 10 min spear.  I make sure that I know what is going on in the world.  When I invite friends they know if they are going to be late they phone me before hand.  I always have to organize everything for everyone.  I have to remind everyone of everything.
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My DAD, he does things in proper order, and he always makes sure things are done on the same day and not push anything to the next day. He always help us organize our things so it is easier to find. He is the best organizer in the family and we would look up to him with pride.
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The most organized person I know is my father in law. He is the most punctual person I have ever known. If we need to get to some place that is on 10 minutes drive, he will be ready half an hour before that, packed with everything that would be or could be required. He has all the documents in place, organized by dates and serial numbers. Not only that he is the record keeper of the entire family. He gives time to his family, his friends, neighbors, relatives, even the shopkeepers of the closest market. He knows everything about the media and the latest news all around the world. Though he is living a retired life right now, still he is active and going.

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