Who is the smartest person you know? ^^


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My daughter in-law. Biochemist, nutritionist, personal trainer, runs a dog rescue mission...

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My brother in law is the smartest person I know. He's a mechanic. He dropped out of high school. Instead of being book smart, he's life smart. He has skills that are valuable in life. He can fix machines. He can do wiring. He can build things. That's why I look up to him. He's the guy I wish I could be.

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My father in law, my son and my husband.

Father in law has a Doctorate in Theoretical Physics and Astronomy.

Husband is a Master Mechanic.

Son is still going to school but is so brilliant he's intimidating.

Always feel out of my league with these people. Definitely keeps me on my toes.

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Smartest man I ever met was a real life Forrest Gump. I met him on a bus and he said he was travelling to the Gold Coast to pick up "one of his trucks." ONE of them.

He left school at 14, worked as a builder's labourer. Realised there was money to be made in supplying materials to builders, so he saved and borrowed and bought an old truck then another old truck until, eventually, he had a fleet of new trucks.

Branched out into tourism and (at the time we met in 1989) he had a $6M catamaran ferrying people to Great Keppel Island off the Queensland coast. (He said his kids wouldn't let him operate the tourism side of things in case he said the wrong thing to one of the tourists, but they were happy for him to keep his trucking business going.)

He qualified for his private pilot's licence at age 60 and if, as is very possible, he's since passed on I reckon he'll be up there in Heaven showing God how to make better use of His resources.

Not bad for a man with virtually no formal education -- but, boy! Was he ever good with numbers.

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My father and my aunt. My father has a Masters degree in education and is the principle at a school over the youngest grade through high school. He also is part of an accreditation team for schools here and surrounding states.

My aunt has a PHD in organic chemistry. She teaches chemistry at a university and works for NASA on the side. She's working on a brand new design for the mirrors within NASA's telescopes.

Best of luck to you!

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***I have respect for dear people that answered this question but  i just need to mention this cause it's really in my mind & i have no attempt of being rude or crossing my lines, just sharing my thoughts***

I hope we never think, being smart means "Studying" & getting degree. I mean those that might not have money to pay collage,they are not smart! ? Studying doesn't mean necessarily being "Educated" or "being "smart" education is just way to enter the job market.

I know an engineer that working for a company for high prices & yet doesn't know pre sperms can makes you pregnant. She's so smart now!

On the other side i know someone that finished high school & never attempt collage, but knows about medical fields, computers, & mechanic, like he's a pro in each & one of them but when you want a degree (he doesn't have one) but companies dying to get him for his abilities. He having job in computer & technology fields.then his social knowledge is damn high.

"Being smart" has different perspective & it's not only into "education" in some places. I hope we see other people as well cause we can be smart without collage too.

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Matt Radiance
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btw the point is we can be even book smart without attempting collage environment, you can be musician without studying music in classes, you can do so many things that needs high ability & focus without being collage stuff. so yea , really collage & degree has nothing to do with being smart.
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For example: Brad Delson, guitarist of Linkin Park, didn't even finished school, but he's a great guitarist & a thousand of people loves him, he's smart into guitar without studying any other courses or even music, it's about his instinct & passion. & the list of these examples goes on.
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That's very kind, Taish. Maybe I just bluff well. >;-)
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My dad. He got his BS and MS in physics and a PhD in chemical engineering. He works for university research in oil extracting and he also has a research grant from NASA to study oil found on the surface of Titan (one of Saturn's moons). He also tells me stories of when he was in school, he would only study for a little bit and then go to the movies before his exams but somehow always manages to be top in his class. He also remembers a ridiculous amount of information in various fields of science and math just from the top of his head because he claims to have a "deep understanding on the subject" and therefore will never forget. Anyway, he's just really good at almost everything and I really look up to him!

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