How does your family doctor check your child's temperature?


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My family doctor checks my child's temperature the old-fashioned way - in the rectum. 

During my daughter's annual physical exam in his office, she is stripped naked.  All her vital signs are checked and recorded. 

When it is time to check her temperature, the doctor asks me to place my young child across my lap in the spanking position. 

With my child across my lap, I then part her cheeks as far as possible to give the doctor full access to her anus.  He then inserts the thermometer into her rectum while I hold her steady for the procedure. 

With my daughter across my lap, the doctor also administers whatever injections are required into her upper right buttock. 

During the injections, I have to hold my daughter down while the needles are introduced into her blood stream. 

Unfortunately, my daughter ABSOLUTELY  hates having her temp. Taken rectally, as well as getting injections in her hiney, which is why I have to hold her still across my lap. 

But, when all is said and done, the doctor does give her some lollipops once the exam is over.
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Puts thermomter in arm pit and adds one degree to the temperature shown by the meter

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