How close are you with your family?


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I'm close with my gagle of sisters on the other hand, I really only have a phone relationship with, if you can even call it that.

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I'm close with my mum and her side of the family, but not with my dad's side. My mum's side is very much like me, quiet, we wear similar clothes (dark colours mostly), share the same sense of humour etc, and we're all generally a bit 'different' to other people, and we accept that. My dad's side on the other hand is very loud, wears bright clothes, has almost no sense of humour, basically the opposite of my mum's side! I've never felt related to my dad's side of the family, and I always feel a bit awkward around them honestly!

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Mrs Didge and the kids? Close, but we're careful not to intrude too much into their lives. (My kids are older than many of the folk on this site.)

But speaking of families, is it possible that you and Sergey Karjakin are related? Your pic certainly has some of the same characteristics though you seem to smile more readily. :)

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I'm absolutely alone and I'm force to journey my life course alone to death. It's not my choice, but I've come to accept it😔. I shall not complain, nor shed any more years, or pray about a change of fate, it is what it is.

I shall journey with the Blurtit community and when I'm not seen after a week, they'll know my earthy  journey has ended.

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Jann Nikka
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Hi Tiger, She told me she would come more often and text more, but she didn't do either and I didn't bother her. She comes once a month to get my car insurance money and she told me she would come more often, but she has not and she didn't answer my last text since she left. I'll see her by next Sat. Thank you. For being here for me. Thank you (((((((((HUGS))))))))))).
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Hi Tiger, I managed to get up, leave my home for 2 hours 🤗. Thank you
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As the known concept of a family, i have only two members, my mother and a cousin. We're just good, not too close. Specially with my mother, communication more than 1-6 hours maximum, means war!! We prefer to take care of each other from a little of distance.

My close friends are part of my family.

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I'm a five minute drive from some, and a 30 minute drive from others.

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Not much family left. Kids all live in other states and hear from them here and there and just have one Nephew I'm pretty close too. He lives not far from me.

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I've always been very close with my family and I'm lucky in that regard. I'm closest with my mom and my middle-older sister, but I'm also close with my dad and my other sisters as well. We've always been a family that's had little issues communicating and we've always done a lot together.

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Pretty close. My husband and I had my brothers and their wives over for game night last night. The day before I went to lunch with my mom and sister-in-law.

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I'm not close to the biological family I have left at all. Exept for my sister and niece. I have other people in my life  that I consider family now though and they're awesome .. BAM ! :)

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Dear Arch Bishop,

I feel close to my family, and I love them very much. My mother was one of eight siblings, and family has been so important to who I am.

Because of my unusual life, however, I don't see them much, perhaps even a couple of years at a time. My cousin has taken on the role of family matriarch, and I check in with her to keep up with all the branches.

However last summer, much of our family came together in Eastern Washington, the horrendous fires Okanogan Complex, worst in the history of the state. I helped salvage the harvest, traveled around the blackened devastation with tears in my eyes, the heroism of the firefighters and everybody pulling together, did lots of prayers, spent precious hours with grand-nephews/ was bittersweet.

But the world is actually my family now.

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I feel pretty close to my immediate family (my parents and sister). Them frequently invading my personal space/giving me no privacy may have something to do with it though...But in the end, I know that they care about me and we all have each others' backs!

When it comes to my other family members, it depends on who it is. I definitely have friends who are closer to me than most of my relatives. But to be fair, most of my relatives don't live in the United States like I do, so I didn't grow up around them and I rarely see them (like once every five years at most). Even though I'm fluent in my "mother tongue", there's a big cultural difference between me and most of my relatives that makes it harder for us to see eye to eye (such as concerning gender norms like how I'm supposedly majoring in a "masculine" field unsuitable for women). I get along okay with the two cousins who live in the U.S. However we don't have much in common (they are more sporty whereas I'm more artsy, they run with a more preppy crowd while I'm just weird, etc.) which makes it harder for us to be close friends. There are also plenty of family members who I've never met before because we have a ridiculously huge family.

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Firstly thank you for such a detailed response. ^^ That sounds Really interesting actually. Where is your family from if you don't mind me asking? Have you gotten the chance to visit any of them over seas?
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Sister and I get along and like each other.  My kids are scattered, with daughter in Alaska and son in Siberia.  Parents long gone, but it says a lot that I departed for Navy Boot Camp the day after my high school graduation. 

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My parents died-my mom of a blood clot a 12 years ago and my dad a few years ago and two of my siblings died early in life-my sister of a massive stroke and my brother died from MRSA

-I do have two children left and I am close with them (they are in their 20's) and I am close to my niece and her family (which is the only child  of my sister who died) and my son will marry soon and his fiancé has a daughter I really like. 

My other sister lives far away so I don't get to see her. 

So it's dwindling down but we're close and they all know I am here for them if they need me.

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I was very close with my mom, brother, and grandparents.  Of my original family, I am the only one remaining.  I adore my daughter and stepdaughter.

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