Why Do I Swear So Much?


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This is not a scientific fact, this is just my opinion, but I think that it is just a habit. Like biting your nails. Also, if you hang around others who swear, you are more likely to. Just like an accent, when you hear people speaking one certain way then you speak that way too. If you want to stop swearing, I suggest you don't hang around the others who swear and start "punishing" yourself everytime you swear. For example have a jar set aside that you will put a quarter in every time you swear. Your whole family could do that if you all have a swearing issue. Just a thought. :)
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There is no way that is true dude! About every other word from my mouth is the "f" bomb. Ihave been told I curse worse then a sailor, and my life is going good, yea it could get better, but that is with everybody.
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Because your used to it
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Cause you have a potty mouth and you just can't help yourself.

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