My Boyfriend Is Well Up For Me Getting My Tongue Pierced Because His Mates Have Told Him When You Get Head From A Girl Who's Got Her Tongue Pierced It Feels Nice. Is This True?


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That's what I heard. I also heard if a guy does it, it feels great when going down on a girl. Let me ask you something. Are you comfortable with getting your tongue-pierced? If not, don't let anyone force you to do something you not comfortable doing. If you're going down on him, that's enough. What more does he want? Many people have said that it feels great, but I know a lot of women that blows man so well that they didn't have to use a tongue ring. Also, I have to agree with pencil on open flesh  and the mouth being full of germs. Take that into consideration. It takes about two weeks for your tongue to fully heal.
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I know of people that have had this done and the procedure itself is fast and painful even though numbed also you need to make sure the piercer is well qualified if they were to miss and go into an artery then that's a lot of bleeding isn't it after your tongue is pierced you will be eating only soft food for weeks ,it makes you talk funny,saliva easier,and as dentists say wrecks the teeth if this hasn't put you off it's your choice but you were told here first and just a point would your boyfriend be as fast to do the same for you think about why your doing this
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Ok I just did my tongue 4 days ago and the piercing itself is painless the next day until the swelling goes down is the most painful part I am eating like normal and taking ibuprofen to help with the soreness and hey if you want to do it for your man then go for it you only live once have fun and if you think you have a decent pain tolerance then go for it!
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This is one those myths that some guy made up. Look, I have gotten head from a good number of girls. Ones with tongue rings and ones without. Honestly, I find that girls that have a tongue ring on makes it feel a little weird. Not bad at all but a little different.  Overall though there is no difference. It's not the tongue ring that makes you good at giving oral sex it's the person themselves.
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Ouch! Getting your tongue pierced hurts a lot! I'm telling you right now, I would never ever put myself through that agany ever again.
Seriously, just because your b/f wants you to get it pierced for his sexual pleasure doesn't mean you should go off and do it.
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I also have heard this, but find it difficult to fully accept. I wouldn't care if my boyfriend were Brad Pitt, I would not get my tongue pierced, to make intimacy for him a more enjoyable thing. First of all the mouth is full of nasty germs that could infect any such opening in the flesh. It looks like heck on people, a little trashy and a little gross. It seems like it would interfere with the clarity of speech, making one not only look but sound ignorant. And last but not least it would mark me as one of the poor masses who think that someone else's pleasure is more important that my own self respect. Of course I am in my fifties and would look like an idiot if I were to start such practices at my age. Young people make your own decisions, however long after Mr. Wonderful is gone, what are you going to do with the hole in your tongue? Do young people ever wonder how things are going to affect their total well being, not just the love of the day, but when they become free thinking adults?
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Hi I just got my tongue pierced yesterday. When I was actually getting it pierced it felt like a slight pinch.
They don't numb you at all. Because it does not hurt.

You only bleed a tiny bit when you get pierced. If you drink plenty of cold water, take some ibuprofen, the swelling will go down noticeably. It does NOT hurt after you get it pierced as long as your tongue stays relaxed and if you take ibuprofen [NON ASPIRIN PAIN KILLER] the recommended dosages. There is hardly any pain.

Talking and eating is the biggest problem. Protein shakes, smoothies, jello, pudding, warm soup [LET IT COOL DOWN QUITE A BIT] Burning your tongue is the worst thing you can do. It will scald the piercing and delay healing time, and could get infected. You MUST clean your mouth out after every meal. Before you go to bed, and when you wake up.

Also ONLY GET IT DONE IF YOU WANT IT. Not because HE wants it. If he wants someone to go down on him with a pierced tongue, tell him to get HIS tongue pierced and suck himself off!
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Ijust got my tongue pierced too and I think you are stupid for even thinking about putting a hole in your body for someone else. I did it for myself because I have a bad habit of biting my Þongue wjen I'm nervous so I got a tongue ring to bite on that instead. What are your reasons for a tongue ring?
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I'll have to totally agree with Pencil on this but I am an old man so what do I know. As in both previous answers the mouth is a gigantic pit of germs making a hole in the tongue an entry point, picture a stadium before a soccer game people fighting to get in.
I also agree with the clarity of speech thing.
A third consideration is your teeth. Will this piercing do no damage to your teeth? Unless you are an infant the teeth you now have is it, you ain't getting no more. With that said is it worth it to you to gamble with your teeth to provide someone a bit more sexual pleasure? Certainly wouldn't be for me no matter how I felt about the person. If they sincerely care about you then they probably shouldn't make this request in the first place.

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