This girl in my class plays with my hair, she puts her hand on my leg, we talk all the time, does she like me?


6 Answers

Kelly Sarate Profile
Kelly Sarate answered
You, she likes you. She is a little weird tho....
Hayden Hansen Profile
Hayden Hansen answered
A girl finding any excuse to touch you is one of the sure signs a girl likes you.
Brenda gill Profile
Brenda gill answered
She probably likes you and is just trying to signal that she likes you without having to tell you, in case you're worried that you are out of her league then why would she be like this with you, it's clear. She will be signaling this so that if she did tell you and you didn't feel the same way she wouldn't have to face heartbreak so therefore she is just as worried as you are.
Lily Serris Profile
Lily Serris answered
Obviously. When a girl does stuff like that she is saying I like you why won't you man up and ask me out already without using words.

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