This is going to sound a little weird but ive noticed whenever i play with my hair....this guy..jus stares....and its Really awkward and it a boy thing?


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Most likely.. I used to do the same thing to this girl I had a major crush on. Just sitting there watching her twirl her hair. I swear if she didn't look at me I could have just stared at her all day!  LoL!  You might just have a secret admirer!
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He's probs just fantasising about you playing with his hair as my other half has a thing for me running my hands through his hair like checking for dandruff lol.
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LOL.....but its not jus one guy...surely all guys dont feel like tht!
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Yeah i run a dandruff clinic on Friday afternoons just off the M25 lol.
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Lol, :) boys for ye , they like girls playing with their hair , gets them excited! Lol

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