Staring at someone so much ..that you walk into the lampost...ever done that? 8)


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I fell over this lady and her dog in the high street when I was checking out this girl's ankle boots.Didn't see her and fell over the dog and ended up legs in the air in front of everybody like some weird wrestling match lol.My face was as red as my hair  -the shame !
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She was pretty cheeky actually - she said watch where you're going copper head - Nice !
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No, but when I was about 8 years old my mom and dad bought me this awesome purple mountain bike.  I took off like I was so cool, I looked back so I could see my friends faces and slammed into the back of a parked car, lol.
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A couple of months ago I was out doing estimates on a Saturday. I was turning a corner when this totaly hot blond walked across the street. I stopped in the middle of the intersection just to watch her walk by. :)
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Nope, never happened. I scare people away when I look at them with my big eyes.

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