Why is this guy staring at me all the time on the bus ride from and to school?


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Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
He really likes you. Say hello to him. :)
lone wolf Profile
lone wolf answered
Either there is something on your face or how you act or something, he likes you, so hes checkin you out, or hes stalking you. There was this guy who stared at me at lunch, so I waved my hand in front of him, and I found out later he is Gay. He STILL stares at me. Ugh. And hes stalked me. 3 boys have stalked me, all were gay.
Michelle Torres Profile
Michelle Torres answered
He likes you?:)
Kaida Smith Profile
Kaida Smith answered
He's a perverted creeper if he does it all the time...if he looks away and seems embaressed you caught him looking he likes you or just the way you look(of course with guys that's the same thing)
Kristin Rodriguez Profile
He be checkin you out :D
most guys that stare at me either like me, they think I'm pretty, or they just want to get slapped xD
my friends are all guys, so eventully they end up likeing me, and they sometimes starte at me, and they know it bugs me, and makes me feel self consious, but yeh. He might be wantin you :D

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