What kind of people are in the Jeremy Kyle audience i mean they will never get that hour back,and does the tax payer pay for the DNA tests+LIE detector tests of these reprobates and the Hotels they stay in in Manchester?,


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It's a pity that you cannot "helpful" questions. :)
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Hilary Newton
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Shame ive run out of them and that we dont get more,haha,
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It's not a shame that I don't mind sparing one for you=)
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I only watch it while changing to another channel. The couples seem very cheap and common to me. I can't imagine anyone with an ounce of selfrespect sitting on a stage with all those people watching.The audience are the usual sort who love looking at that sort of thing. Have you considered some of the couples might be plants,actors put in to spice it up.It could be called a virtual,and like the others X Factor.BGT and others,I am sure some of the contestants are actors just planted to create extra excitement.
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I think the show has had its say as Jeremy Kyle now seems to think of himself asa mediator or counsellor lol.It used to be good value for the bizarre stories and the punchups between the girls, especially if security got involved.But the format is stale and predictable and I'm pretty sure it's the taxpayer who foots these bills for the show.
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Its mainly scousers I think:)
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Hi Hilary it' about time it was taken off, and what's all about, people who cannot speak to each other, Old Jeremy, just about having a heart attack, pitiful situations - I think we might pay.... Who indeed, well we pay for T.V. Licences and are taxed and more....I wonder what all that shouting and balling does in the beginning and in the end....It started off well, but it's out of date now....But have no fear the shrink's awaiting in the wings, to put it alright = as if - such an expose, could make it happy ever after again. Who ever pays it will be passed on to the consumers, for sure. Hope useful.
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Sorry to ask a question on your question But
Is that like the UK Jerry Springer
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Non normals ( if that fits).I don't watch it. Have no time for reality shows especially these type . Yes I quessthe tax payer does pay for lots of it in one way or another. I agree J Kyle prides himself as some Godlike figure.

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