Did u ever see a girl or boy in his underwear outside walking around?


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No.I'd be in shock if I did.
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Janey answered
For sure, especially outside our local bar /  nightclub after closing time on a Friday night lol.
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Jermija Wilde answered
I go to UW-Madison, kid, the #2 drinking school in America rated by PlayBoy Magazine. I've seen topless drunk girls walking around the hallways of the boys dorms confused about where they were. I've seen 20 guys streaking on the Mifflin St. Block Party getting chased by cops. I've seen a passed out drunk guy wearing only underwear wrapped up in an American Flag next to a flag pole with his clothes raised up flailing in the wind. The girls here feel they need to take off all their clothes when they get drunk and the guys have a tendency to strip down to their underwear and take walks around the block. Basically the days of the week go like this here in Madison; Messed Up Monday, Tipsy Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Fucked Up Friday, Shit-faced Saturday, and Sober Sunday. We save Sunday to actually do some of our school work. And the alcoholic extremist might even hit church. So to answer your question, yes, I have seen both guys and girls at night time and in broad daylight walking around outside in their underwear.
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When I was just a toddler, I ran around naked without a pamper on. Lol. Fuuun. And this guy flashed us when he was in a car. Acouple years back, this guy flashed us. He was fat and it waasnt a nice view... XD

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