Happy mothers day did any of the little darlings forget?


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Sapphire Regan Profile
Sapphire Regan answered
I got my mum a card and a phone charm!
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Wait.. It is Mother's Day?
Maria Not Telling Profile
Its not mothers day is it
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Anonymous commented
In united kingdom it is but i thought the some thing then i looked it up its mothers day in united kingdom
Maria Not Telling
Ohhh ok good i was worried there
Addilynn Addilynn Profile
....lol I forgot ...but I'm gnna make it up to my mum..somehow!
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
My mother died a week after Mothers Day last year. I thought about going to visit my Dad, but had to work instead. I still would like to visit him this summer. Since my mom passed away I call him a lot. I worry about him.

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