Tomorrow, May 5th, is international baby loss mothers day. Sometimes while celebrating our own mothers on mother's day, and celebrating the mothers who are no longer with us we forget about the Mama's who lost their baby and grieve mothers day. To all you women who lost a baby, my heart goes out to you. Can we give our happy thoughts, supportive shoulders and prayers to the mothers who will be thinking about their angel babies tomorrow? 


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She held him for 13 days, maybe not in her arms but always in her heart. As a mom who watches her child suffer the loss of now three pregnancies, please my friends, keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through her first mothers day... With out the prize in her arms. 😒

To all you mothers who are "Angel mom's" my prayers and tears are with you.

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Yes.  When a mother loses a baby, that child occupies a special place in her heart forever.  Many blessings to them ... I can only imagine the pain.

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That's actually scientifically true. Some of the embryos cells become lodged in the mother's brain and heart. Those cells remain there forever. If there's any conciliation in that...
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Thank you dearly Janis πŸ€—
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RefreshMe, I did not know this! I will pass your words on to my daughter. I will pass everyone's words to her. Thank you so much. πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊπŸ€—
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Special prayers for Angel moms.

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I never knew this existed, Yin---what an excellent idea.

Carly Marie Dudley created International Bereaved Mother's Day in 2010, a few years after the loss of her stillborn son Christian. She wanted to help heal the hearts of other hurting mothers. She believed that Mother's Day should include all those who have experienced loss, as well as those who have been unable to conceive. The goal of the day is to change Mother's Day so that it includes those who feel left out of it. Dudley wants International Bereaved Mother's Day to be a temporary holiday, and for the hurting mothers to eventually become a part of Mother's Day.

International Bereaved Mother's Day, also known as International Babylost Mother's Day, is being observed today! It has been observed the first Sunday in May since 2010.

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I'm sorry for all the Angels your daughter loss . I pray that God gives her a Miracle someday soon . I also pray for the Mothers out there who loss their dear little Angel . I believe a Miracle will happen and i will remember her in prayer and i will remember you in prayer cause i believe prayers have strength. Many Blessings to You All !!!

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