How i can improve my sex? I am 27 unmarried


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Sunshine Baby answered
Different partners/styles....if your having sex with one person switch it up:bathroom,car etc. And add whip cream chocolate and a lot of licking!
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Sujit Pradhan answered
You can improve your sex either by habituating sexual yogas or by taking nutriating medicines that improves sex, only in the advice of a physician.
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Hanna Whilson answered

Today there are many men who face a problem of erectile dysfunction. I can't say about treatment, here it is better to address a doctor, but I know that you can Buy Viagra Online. It really works, and it is very convenient to order it online, especially when the price is reasonable.

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Matilda Kunher answered

I'm okay with casual sеx. I've had it more than once. I like to have fun with a stranger. I'm sociable and I like to sit here xxx chat. There I'm looking for a good chat and Dating for friendship. You can judge me, but I like it.

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