Is it hard living on your own at the age of 18?


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Doris Townsend answered
That depends on your maturity level, job situation and support systems. Life can be hard at any age living on your own or not. Take every day for what it is. Hope this helps.
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Dear Crystal, what a beautiful and transparent name! Look, at 18 hardly know how to fix pancakes, clean and organize your room or how to use the many cycles in the washing machine. Having said that, at the age of 18 none is prepare to face life along, its hard, and becomes HARDER, so many bumps along the way, its similar to raising a family they don't come with instructions. However,  the ONE person with the best intentions 4/yr life is YOU! So, based on that make a plan and follow it! You see when I go to get my groceries I make my list, or run my errands or answers my long list of phone calls, or my e-mails, I do have a plan/list and prioritize it. I don't say that it won't be incidentals cause, they will. But follow your PLAN 1rst and formost. Stay in school, education goes a long way!, get a job to pay essentials and build your savings, stay in touch with family and friends but remember "time is $$$" so, don't waste too much of it in sillyness, if you can stay away fm your social media might as well make it profitable, sell or advertise something, PLEASE, not yourself! Clean & organize closets, or garages, hold a yard sale for ppl, then you get a commision or a flat rate, bring your friends to help and share the profits, if you are good on something advertise locally and get customers, fitness for kids, tutoring, run errands for the elderly, etc. Sky is the limit! Eventually you will find your way, and be very successful. "The only limitations you will have are the ones that you will put on yourself" Good luck beautiful girl and keep us posted. Love yourself and cheat NONE specially You.  :)
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Arthur Wright answered
Right now its extremely hard to live on your own at any age but just starting out at 18 nowadays is extremely hard, Good luck
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Damean Berry answered
I moved out when I was 18
and my friend has been living away from home and he is 18, he has been for a few months now, and ive been living away from home for a while

I have found it very easy

yes you have to rely on money but its common sence to spend it wisely

:) everything is actualy easier than it was at home
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Richard Scott answered
No idea, I admit I have missed out a lot in life but I am a believer in you can't miss what you never had. One of my brothers moved out with his girlfriend at 17 and the other one was 20. I am 26 and done none of the things I should have done. I tried Australia but that fell by the wayside.

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