U I D N V H S E make a romantic word?


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UIDNVHSE does make a romantic word. Rearranged it spells out 'Husn Devi', which is a Hindi word. Translated into English it means 'Goddess of Beauty', which is quite a good compliment and used well would be romantic.

  • What is an Anagram?

An anagram is a rearrangement of the letters that make a word to then make that word unidentifiable. It works as a simple trick to confuse people, as a security measure to make something unreadable, or can be a puzzle to solve for those who enjoy a challenge.

The best anagrams are rearranged to make a statement that is related to the initial subject (word). A classic one is that George Bush can be rearranged to spell out 'He bugs Gore'; indicative of Al Gore's challenge to become President of America and who narrowly missed out after a Florida recount handed Bush the victory and the subsequent presumption that you would be annoyed to lose.

If you search Google for 'anagram' it will, quite humorously, ask if you meant to search for 'nag a ram'; that being an anagram of anagram.

  • What other words can be made?

There are no other words that can be made that are romantic. Other words can be picked out though. The only word to use all the letters is 'Vunsheid'. This is a Dutch word, and it means 'mustiness', i.e. A room has a musty smell. Musty refers to a poor quality of air and a subsequent poor smell in that area.

Aside that the word 'nude' can be made, as can 'she', 'he', 'shun', 'send', 'den', 'din', 'end' and many more.

  • Are there any websites that can help me solve anagrams in future?

Yes, the website http://wordsmith.org/anagram/ allows you to type in your anagram and submit it and then the server/site will formulate multiple responses as to what the anagram could be. The website 'Anagram Solver' also does this.

Alternatively, you could use an anagram maker. Montgomery Blair High School, in Maryland, U.S, has an anagram generator (found HERE) which can provide hours of anagram challenges.
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H you s n d e v I
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This question has been going around for some time now, and so far no one has managed to make a romantic word from it. I'm afraid there is some mistake or else someone is having a joke with you, as it is very difficult to make any words at all from this, and certainly not a romantic one. One the other hand, if you ever do find the answer please let me know!
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This question has been going around for some time, and if you look at the other Blurtit questions on the right of this window you will see that nobody has managed to find the answer. As far as I know this is either a joke or a mistake - probably a joke, as you can't get any kind of word from these letters.
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H you S N   D E V I

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