I U D N V H S E? Arrange This Letters To Make A Romantic Word?


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There are many ways to find out words using particular letters, there are plenty of "online anagram machines", on web sites such as these you can input the letters from which you would like to find a word and they will provide you with a list of all the words that exist from the selection of letters provided. For the letters I U D N V H S E, unfortunately there is only one answer and it is in the Hindi language and is: Husn Devi. Husn is the physical beauty of some one (however, almost always a female) and Devi means lady. Therefore, when translated into English Husn Devi translates roughly as "Goddess of beauty."

This arrangement can be found by searching on google into gaming websites and forums as this problem is from "Puzzle Quest." People have solved it and answered people searching for help. After a search through Hindi dictionaries the solution is correct.
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I can make the following words (or phrases) from the letters supplied, but none of them romantic, I'm afraid...  Did you perhaps omit a letter?  The list is in alphabetic order.

Den hi us
den uh is
dens uh I
die shun
din eh us
din he us
din hues
dines uh
dins hue
this eh nu
this en uh
this he nu
due shin
duh en is
duh ens I
duh sine
dun eh is
dun he is
dun hes I
dun hies
dun she I
dune his
dunes hi
duns eh I
duns he I
duns hie
ed hi nus
ed hi sun
ed his nu
ed shun I
ed uh ins
ed uh sin
eds hi nu
eds uh in
end hi us
end uh is
ends uh I
hid en us
hide nus
hide sun
hides nu
hied nus
hied sun
hind sue
hind use
hued ins
hued sin
id eh nus
id eh sun
id ens uh
id he nus
id he sun
id hen us
id hes nu
id she nu
ids eh nu
ids en uh
ids he nu
nude his
nudes hi
send uh I
shed I nu
shied nu
snide uh
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