What Do Children Gain By Solitary Play?


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In some instances, it is good to play solo, but in others, they need to have someone to play with. When they are alone, they really don't have anyone to help guide as to what is good healthy play and not healthy play. It is good for the imagination. I see my daughter making things up all the time, but she has friends at school and she plays very healthily. I monitor her play too, and she is a very caring child, and feels all the emotions very well. Hope this helps, good luck.
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The only way we learn anything is by experience. Though humans are social animals, not all we need to learn is of a social nature. We also need to have plenty of time to interact with the world as it is, to discover the laws of physics, to observe how nature works, and to develop our skills and attributes with respect to those things. Courage, memory, imagination were mentioned. I might add balance, timing, persistence, strength, endurance to the long list of things children gain by solitary (outdoor) play.
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Solitary play can be good at times, but children need to interact with others as well.
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1. Becoming comfortable in one's own skin.
2. To overcome fear and help other to confront fears.
3. To develope courage.
4. Develope mentally with the memory and imagination.
5. To learn to enjoy Peace.
6. Enhance understanding of teamwork by realizing their limitations.

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