Explain Why It Is Important To Work In Partnership With Parents To Support Children's Development?


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If you are a nursery worker or a teacher it is vital you work in partnership with a child’s parents to help support their development for a number of reasons. It creates a positive atmosphere for the child to gain confidence in if a teacher and parents are working together. A child will have more stability and they are less likely to have behavioral problems.

Teachers or nannies who respect the wishes of a child’s parents are doing the best for the child. Fundamentally, it is the parents who have overall responsibility for how they would like their child to be brought up. A teacher or support worker can make suggestions on ways to help a child practice reading or writing; however, it is up to the parents on what would be the most appropriate way for their child to develop more skills.

By having consistent rules in place at school for example, it would be most beneficial if these were carried on and maintained by the parents at home. This will help the child learn the importance of respecting authority and will help them behave in a more positive way.

Of course, in an ideal world teachers or nannies would work with parents in harmony at all times. There may be times however, when some disagreement does arise between both parties. For instance a parent may think a teacher is being too strict at times. The important thing here is not to let any disagreements interfere with the wellbeing of the child that could potentially jeopardize their education and development. Approaching the topic with an open mind and without confrontation is the best way to deal with these circumstances.

Certainly, both parties only want what is best for the child so working together can provide a very positive outcome.

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