The Importance Of Planning For A Caring, Nurturing And Responsive Child Care Environment?


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There are several reasons why it is important to plan for a caring, nurturing and responsive child care environment.

They include:

• Safety checks are vital to ensure the child is secure
• The child needs to be stimulated by its surroundings
• Children need to be engaged and entertained to avoid tantrums
• Adults should be prepared for any incidents that may happen with the child
• A child will learn more when they feel happy and safe in their surroundings

Before any child is allowed into a child care environment it should be thoroughly checked for anything that could be a potential safety concern. This could be small objects that the child may place in their mouth - a choking hazard or there could be sharp corners on tables or cabinets that a child may catch themselves on if they are running around.

The child care environment should also be stimulating to the child. A dull and dark room with no toys or games would make the child instantly bored which could make learning and development more difficult to achieve. Therefore bright colors, posters and lots of toys and games are ideal for a good child care environment.

Children need constant attention and so they should be engaged at all times in an ideal child care environment. Interaction will improve their social skills and also stop the child from becoming bored and withdrawn which can lead to tantrums.

A happy child will be a lot more responsive and open to what you may be wishing to teach them. Therefore if they feel safe in their surroundings they are more likely to engage in activities.

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