What Does Negative Dna Test Results Look Like On Paper?


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On paper, negative DNA test results will come back with a display of a very low percentage; it is unlikely you will be shown any medical graphs or charts. This very low percentage indicates two sets of DNA are not closely related to one another. A very high percentage - such as 99.999% - would be shown on paper if the DNA test results were positive.

• Uses of DNA testing

DNA tests are widely undertaken by fathers who are unsure, for one reason or another, whether a particular child is theirs or not. A DNA results can reveal with almost perfect accuracy whether or not the child is theirs. Some fathers may insist upon a DNA test being performed if the mother of the child is asking to receive child maintenance from them. Before paying any money (which they must legally do, if the child does turn out to be theirs) they want to know for certain that another man is not the father of the child.

Other uses of the DNA test include their function in finding a suitable donor match for a person who needs an organ transplant. In order for a person to receive an organ from another, the other person's DNA must have similar characteristics to the individual receiving the organ. Otherwise, the organ may not function correctly after the transplant. Usually, it is the close relatives of the individual needing the organ that will match the individual's DNA closely enough. If there is more than one possible match, the hospital usually dictates which relative would be best suited to given the organ, although personal choice is taken into account under special circumstances. Of course, these types of organ transplants are only for non-vital organs, such as kidneys. A person can continue living with only one kidney, so by giving away their other kidney they remain alive whilst saving the life of the individual in need.
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Can yous show me a test paper what shows that the father is it NOT the father of the child please

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