What Does Positive Dna Results Look Like On Paper?


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You can view a sample of what you will find most positive DNA test results to look like on a sheet of paper at the following address:

· 4.bp.blogspot.com/_Bm9GLOjiSW0/TPl3X-XKLEI/AAAAAAAAA-8/Muyz2
As you can see in the picture, on the bottom of the page is where the real black and white result is. It says 'probability of paternity' and then a percentage. If it is positive then it will usually indicate that the probability of paternity is 99.9%.

DNA tests can obviously be life-changing so a lot of careful consideration needs to go into any decision about whether to go ahead with a paternity test. It can change lives for the better but on the flip-side it can tear families and relationships apart.

It is really a case of is knowing always best? Or can staying oblivious sometimes be the kinder alternative?

DNA test are always very expensive. Therefore a lot of people have to turn to online tests from non-respected sources. They most probably do get the results correct but there is a sense that the recipients will still have a shred of doubt in their minds about the validity of the test.

It is quite common for people to go on chat shows in both the UK and US to get a free DNA test as the TV company pay for it as part of the show. This can sometimes cause explosive TV; which is what the producers hope for when paying for such results.

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