Mark Steines Is Not Wearing His Wedding Ring. Is He Divorced?


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There have been no reports that Mark Steines has divorced from his wife. He simply may just not choose to wear a wedding ring. In quite a lot of cases, men decide against wearing a wedding band for work related reasons or they simply just do not want to wear any form of jewellery.

  • Mark Steines: Who is he?
Mark Steines is a famous American broadcast journalist who made his name on the celebrity gossip show 'Entertainment Tonight' of which he was the host. He joined the TV show in 1995 but decided to leave in 2004 to pursue other interests.

  • What is his background?
The American journalist was born in Dubuque, Iowa and studied at University of Northern Iowa after being awarded a football scholarship. He married former Miss America winner and 'Entertainment Tonight' colleague Leanza Cornett in 1995. They had the ceremony on the island of Kauai in the summer. They later on had two children, sons Kai Harper and Avery James.

  • Where did he start career?
Before he became host of 'Entertainment Tonight' Steines got a job at KWWL-TV in Iowa in which he worked his way up to reporter and photographer status. After his stint in Iwoa, he moved to Missouri to become the sports anchor for KSPR-TV. Following that he moved to Los Angeles and contributed to ESPN before landing the celebrity news show.

  • Steines additional work
As you can see from the information above, Steines has been involved within the media world straight after he left college. However, there have been some other projects other than presenting that the broadcaster has pursued. In 1995, Steines appeared in the film 'Nixon' as a security guard. Despite, his appearance in the movie, that is the only recordable acting job that Steines has been in.
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Amanda Wells answered
Mark Steines has been married to Leeza Cornett since 1995. There has been no suggestion of a divorce or even a split. The only reason this rumour started is because he was once photographed without his wedding ring, which seems like a very thin ground for believing he is getting divorced. If there were any split I'm sure we would hear about it, as they are high profile people.

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