My boyfriend proposed to me with a wedding ring(simple band), not the engagement ring(with the diamond), because he thought there is no difference. Does it really matter which of them was presented first?


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If the proposal was real and genuine then no. He can always get you the engagement ring a little later and you can wear that one then instead! Congrats!!! :)))

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There is no "rule" that states an engagement ring HAS TO have a diamond.

When I got engaged, the engagement ring was the simple band - and the wedding ring had the diamond.

But if you're really focused on not getting a diamond ... You have bigger problems that need to be solved before getting married.

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First off, Congratulations on your engagement.

My husband was overtaken by a moment and proposed to me without a ring altogether. He was in the middle of a bankruptcy at the time and couldn't really afford one, so he did go to a pawn shop the next day and got what he could afford, which was a very poor quality, very small diamond ring. 

After he got back on his feet a few years later I got a replacement which is much nicer, though I usually don't wear it. It gets in the way and i have ripped the diamond out twice already. Thankfully I found it both times. The thing is, it doesn't matter. It is what is in your heart that matters. 

An engagement ring just a symbol that too many people take too seriously. The diamond engagement ring is actually the product of a very effective advertising campaign from the late 1930s. Before that they were all sorts of things. In the middle ages women received a thimble instead of a ring and they cut a ring from the thimble. 

The Victorians made engagement rings out of human hair.  After the Great Depression DeBeers Mining Company, that owns 90% of the diamond mines in the world, found that many people of the younger generation were skipping the engagement ring all together. 

They started the no famous campaign "A diamond lasts forever" and also paid to advertise the "Four Cs", (carat, color, cut, clarity) bring the interest back to the point now people think that need them.  You don't. You just need to love, respect, and trust one another.

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No .. There is no difference.  He could propose to you and offer you a tag off a loaf of bread, and it could 'mean' the same thing.  

The engagement gift in the form of a traditional ring AND the wedding ring are both symbolic gifts to symbolize a promise to marry.  

 The engagement ring is a symbol or token of the promise TO marry, and the wedding ring is a symbol of a marriage.  Not everyone even bothers to offer an engagement ring... 

It is only a traditional formality.  In fact, not that long ago, engagement rings were not common at all ... Only a singular wedding band was appropriately given at the wedding ceremony.

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