Recently I read that in some countries they wear their wedding rings on their right hand. Do any of you wear your wedding ring on your right hand?


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Moga Deet answered

I don't wear my wedding ring at all.  I've never liked rings.  Mine has a nice diamond and I worry about losing it and damaging the setting.  I have my Mom's wedding ring.  It is a plain gold band and sometimes I wear that on my left.

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Lia Tan answered

Well I'm not married but my parents had theirs on their right hand the last time they wore them (which was like over ten years ago). It was just part of our culture and we didn't know that people in Western countries put it on their left until I moved to the US. Now they don't wear them because apparently their fingers are bigger than they used to be and they're bent out of shape.

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Most of the European countries, except the UK, wear their wedding rings on their right hands.

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