I Need A Love Riddle. I Am Leaving Something On My Ex-boyfriend's Car Because I Still Want To Be With Him And I Need A Cute Riddle To Go Along With It. What Could It Be?


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If you find yourself in a situation where your boyfriend has dumped you and you'd like to get him back, there are several things you can do to win him back. Men love solving puzzles, so a riddle with a sexy solution just might be the move you need to make to rekindle your romance.

Men just love a mystery. One thing you can do is leave a package on his doorstep or the windshield of his car that contains a sexy piece of lingerie. Leave a card inside that asks just who it is would look best in this sexy little number. It will most certainly get his attention to be sure. And you just might be surprised at how effective such a strategy can be.

Another approach might be to leave a secret admirer note on your man's car. String him along for a brief period of time, and don't be afraid to make the note a little on the naughty side. Once you have your man's interest, invite him to meet his "secret admirer” in a romantic setting, such as an Italian restaurant or a dimly lit movie house.  Men love being made the center of attention and this little ploy stands a good chance of helping you get your man back.

If you'd like to use your brains and play with your man's mind to help you get him back, a love riddle or a similar play is one of the best things that you can do to get his attention. Use your imagination, and think back to your relationship and just what it is that really turns your man on. Use this information to devise your plan and act it out. If you don't succeed, it is probably time to move on and find a new love in your life.
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I know it could be difficult to manage a riddle without help. Now thanks to internet you can get any kind of information. Here is a link for thousands of Love riddles.

Hope it helps you out!

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