What Should I Say To People Who Say I Am Selfish?


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You can say or do a lot of things. But you have to pick if you want to be mean and sarcastic with them or wise and mature with them. If you want to go the sarcastic way, you could say: Oh really? I never knew that. The whole time I thought you were the selfish one.
Or you could say: Right back at you.
Or: I think you mean yourself.   There are many other things to say, but let me be a little straight forward.
If you want to go the wise way , which I go with most of the time , you could report them, and/or say: This is offensive. You shouldn't be showing your hatred and saying bad words daunted from your personal beliefs. This is against the Terms & Conditions.
P.S. I recommend that you report the comment/answer/question/shout that says that in either way. And I do not think you are selfish; you're just very wise that people get you wrong.
Hope this helps!
Cheer up and ignore the haters! They're just jealous!
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You just got to accept that not everyone in the world will like you.
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Mike J
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How about when people delete you from their friends list and give no reason as to why?
Mike J
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I'll give you a thumbs up for the heck of it, but I find your false comment towards me offensive.
Your Worst Nightmare Ever
O.K., Tamah, that was fungo!
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Decide if you are or are not and then do something about it in private so only you and God know.then don't pay attention to what others say if you know your not a shellfish.
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I'd say...really?
Hmmm?...I didn't know that....and ...no you can't have any of my stuff...lol.
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Mike J
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I believe someone here thinks I am selfish:

--------------------------------------- --------------------------------- -------------------------
I know practicly everyone on this site hates Hievery1 because he is selfish
by Luckygal2 2 weeks ago
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Ignore them. You don't to share every last thing with them.
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I don't think you are selfish.
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Snap back at them.
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If you really care about other people's opinion , then wright that girl a apology letter if you don't care , then don't care about those kind of things . You can't always's keep every body happy .
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Normally when people accuse anyone for having a chink in their personality it usually means that it is because they themselves are guilty of whatever they are accusing you of,  so just ignore them ..  :)

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