How To Get Hard Water Spots Off Glass Shower Doors?


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Hard water is the absolute enemy of glass doors; even if you use a squeegee or a cleaner that is supposed to help after every shower, the shower door can still get stained with ugly spots and streaks. Even if these methods did work, how many people want to have to do this after every single shower?

It does not matter how much you rub and scrub at these marks, when they are there they seem to be determined to be a bathroom feature forever, even when you use proprietary cleaners that claim that they will rid your shower screen of stains.

Do not despair, though - there is an effective way round this problem that will get rid of the streaks and the water spots yet will not cause any damage to your glass shower door.

Spray WD-40 onto the glass and gently rub it round the glass so that all of the stains are covered in it. Leave it for a minute but do not let it dry. Take another cloth and wipe the glass door, making sure that you remove all of the WD-40. If the stains are really bad and have been there for some time, you may have to repeat this step, but you can be sure that this will work and you will have a squeaky clean door in no time at all.

Other solutions that may work, though the above one is the best, are vinegar solutions, rubbing alcohol and the detergent that you use to wash your dishes with. Dilute all of these and put the solution into a spray bottle. Spray onto your door and wipe off. These can be effective if the spots and streaks have not been on the glass for very long.
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Try cleaning GREEN!  This really does work!

  • Wipe the door with lemon oil. No need to let it sit for 15 minutes, to scrub, or to rinse. Apply lemon oil, wipe off. It completely removes soap scum and it smells nice, too.
  • You may want to protect your floor!
  • Coca-Cola also works! The phosphoric acid in it will pull that scum right off.
  • Try baby oil - it is a natural alternative.

Another idea--the Mister Clean Magic Erasers.  I use them for just about everything under the sun!
Also, try KABOOM by the makers of ORANGE GLOW.  It also works.
After you've got the glass finally cleaned off, use the car wax trick from your parents.  When you're done with your shower, use a squeegee to wipe down the glass and dry it off.
Just as a precaution--always wear rubber gloves.
Hope some of these suggestions help your problem.
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If you use SOS pad and a little Bar Keepers Friend (found by comet in grocery store) make a paste and it comes right off. It will not damage or scratch the glass.
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Hard water spots are really hard to get off of glass, tiles and metallic finishes such as around the shower doors. Since the hard water spots are the sulfates and chlorides or sodium and magnesium which aren't treatable by usual household products try adding water softener in the solution of liquid soap and water and cleaning with it because water softener is a fool proof way of removing water hardness. This should take care of the spots on the glass.
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I used to clean houses for a living, we had some glass shower doors that were way bad due to hard water and soap, then people would put stuff on them to keep them from fogging up. But I have always used liquid toilet bowl cleaner, the fumes are bad so use a mask but just use a soft towel and spread it on then rinse it off with cool water, it may need to be done once or twice to get it really clean but make sure you rinse it well or it will smear and don't get it on any metal it will tarnish it way bad. Good Luck!
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I have heard that you can use WD40 to clean the glass doors with and then spray them with the WD40 about once or twice a week to keep them clean and free of spotting. The wd40 has a light oil base to it.
Haven't tried it myself yet, so I don't know if it works, but am planning on trying it on my tile shower walls.
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The best way is to "shave it off." DO NOT WET THE GLASS.
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You can't. I tried so many times. It happened in a picture frame and my Picture was ruined so Its stuck on the glass.
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I tried vinegar to clean my hard water spots and it didn't work.   Now off to see if an SOS paid will work....ugh!
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Go to Home Depot and purchase Spot X. It will absolutely remove all hard water stains.
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It can be very difficult to clean up soap scum and salt deposits from a glass shower door. Here is a link that will help you out, you would just need a few household products.
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If your shower doors are frosted use lemon oil. It works like magic!! I just put a little on a microfiber rag and rub it in circles on the doors. It comes right off. You can use it on clear doors too but you have to rub more so that the oil doesn't show anymore. Lemon is in your supermarket near furniture polish. Hope this helps!!
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Citric acid crystals will remove limescale, they aren't dangerous and are used in foods.Buy them from the chemist. Dampen the spot and a piece of rag to which you have added some crystals, apply and leave to fizz, then wipe off. Great for taps. You could also try a cut lemon.
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All of the above answers are wrong...sorry guys. Water stains from sprinklers are caused by the minerals and silicates in the water. Glass is porous, so when these agents get into the pores, then you get the staining. So, how do you remove them? You can check out this link:
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Hi everyone have been trying to clean my glass shower screen no success! Then I had a brilliant idea my cooktop cleaner is glass so I tried it Cerapol glass ceramic cleaner. Truely amazing! All the water marks gone in a flash! Available at some supermarkets like coles. Just wonderful try it and see for yourself. Let me know. Happy cleaning. Let us all know what you think.
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My glass shower doors were only 6 months old and although we squeegee them daily, they looked horrible due to the hard water deposits in our water.

After reading other's comments, the only thing I had on hand at the moment was toothpaste. So I figured what the heck, I'll try it. It was amazing! I rubbed it on with a soft sponge in a circular motion and then I wiped it off with a microfiber towel. My doors look brand new again!

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Hey everyone, cleaning a bathroom can seem like an endless task with an endless list of expensive cleaning products and supplies. However, with just a few household ingredients, you can save time and money while keeping your bathroom sparkling. For example, you can use a special auto shower cleaner, instead of constantly buying a cleaning agent and cleaning it yourself.

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You might try putting RAIN-X or Glass Wax on your window. This will help the water to run off better and will leave less if no water to spot them.
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Does anyone have an idea how to get Hard Water Stains from Sprinklers Systems of glass windows?
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Try vinegar, the white spots are from sodium deposits in the water and sodium is a base and vinegar is an acid. Use the distilled vinegar.
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Will  home depots Spot x cleaner ruin my etched shower door if I use it to clean water spots off it.

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