My Husband Has Been Throwing Up Since Wednesday Night Of Last Week. He Also Has A Really Bad Bellyache, What Is Wrong With Him? It Came On All Of A Sudden.


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If he has been vomiting for a week, that is dangerous for a number of reasons, but two important ones are that he will become severely dehydrated and also he could rupture a vessel or even a lung from all the pressure when he is gagging.  The fluid would get into his system and poison him.  I think this would be considered an emergency situation where you should take him to the ER or even call 911.
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He needs to see a doctor! And stop trying to eat solid food. He should stay on clear fluids (no milk) for 24 hours. Then after that, he could try something like a spoonful of live yogurt, or a piece of well-toasted bread. He may have campillobacter, which is a very nasty form of food poisoning and if not treated properly could have long-lasting effects on his health. PLEASE take him to a doctor.
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thank you i am taking him to the doctor today this has been going on too long for just a simple stomach virus. he has never been this sick before in the twenty years we have been married. thank you for your response on this topic.tammy
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From last week's Wednesday??? He should been seeing a Doctor by now. Like karmabum said, no solid food and plenty of water, gatorade, juice, no milk and no dairy. Toast bread and crackers are good. It could be food poisoning or gastroitis(inflammation of the stomach). Yes PLEASE have him taken to a doctor. They'll give him something to stop the vomiting and anti-inflammatory(if he has it). Better yet, tested for food poisoning. These two are very common for vomiting and bellyache.
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Oh - well in that case he needs to see a doctor straight away! Is he reluctant to see a doc? Or do you have to pay for medical care? The problem with diabetes is that it's fine while it is being managed properly, but in a situation like this it could become life threatening. Don't overload him with sugar, but make sure some of his drinks have sugar in them, and get him to a doctor, whatever objections he has - surely he would rather be alive?
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It might be that he has a stone in the kidney or the gall bladder or his appendix .but he needs to go to the dr asap.good luck!!

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