What Should Be Minimum Length Of Pennies For Women Satisfaction & Timing?


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I shall presume that there is a spelling mistake in your question and that you meant to ask about the minimum length of a penis to satisfy a woman. In all honesty, there is no real answer to your question because it is actually different for each woman and many of them actually say that it is not the length that matters, but the way that that length is used.

  • Why does penis size matter?
The only real reason why the size of a man's penis matters is because we say it does, and this insecurity has been passed on. In fact, Masters and Johnson, famous sexual researchers believe that the size of a man's penis has no actual effect on the satisfaction of a woman.

  • Penis size and women's sexual satisfaction
A study was once conducted by Russell Eisenman where he looked at women's perception of their sexual satisfaction when taking penis size and width into account. He asked a group of 50 women that were aged between 18 and 25 years. They were asked which one was best during sex, the length or width of a penis.

The majority of the woman asked said that they believed the width of the penis was more important than the length whereas only 5 said they enjoyed length better. It has often been stated by women that a long penis can cause discomfort.

  • So what makes width better?
There could be a few reasons why women enjoy the width of a penis more than the length. The first reason is because a wider penis would stimulate the clitoris of the woman better during intercourse. The clitoris is often a woman's main pleasure spot as it contains over 8,000 nerve endings, more than the penis which only has 4,000. It is the only organ in the human body with a sole purpose of pleasure.

Researchers have also found that a wider penis makes a woman experience a great feeling of fullness, which means that they are both more physically and psychologically satisfied.

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