What Is Still Born Baby?


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The term is actually Still born baby or a stillbirth. This term refers to the death of the baby after the 20th week of pregnancy of before delivery. Normally you don't get to know about a still birth until the baby is actually born. However, if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you must get an immediate checkup:
Stopping of fetal movement and kicks
No fetal heartbeat
No fetal movement on the ultrasound.
I would suggest you to get an ultrasound to confirm.
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The word stillborn is a word which is synonymous with the word abortive. It means failing to accomplish the intended result. When used in the context of an infant (a newborn infant, to be specific), the word stillborn means a baby which shows absolutely no signs of life at the time of its birth. A stillborn baby is the opposite of a liveborn baby. A liveborn baby is defined as a newborn infant who shows some signs of life at the time of its birth.

The expected result of pregnancy is the birth of a child who is living and showing signs of movement when it is born. However, sometimes a pregnancy unfortunately does not result in the birth of a live baby. If a pregnancy does not end in the birth of a live infant because of natural causes, it is called stillbirth, loss of pregnancy, miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.
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A still born refers to a baby been born after 24 weeks gestation and means the baby has died in the womb and would be delivered dead I suffered a still birth once at 38 weeks pregnant I'm not sure why you think your baby may be still birth not gaining weight doesn't mean your baby is in danger some women gain the most in the last month of pregnancy and as long as you are feeling up to ten movements a day you will be OK but don't expect to feel that many until past six months if you are concerned please visit your midwife at once to ease your mind take care
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A still born baby would be a baby that has no vital signs. If you are that far along in your pregnancy, surely you have a doctor. You should be able to feel the baby moving around. Many women do not gain a lot of weight at all and some only in the last month.  If you are concerned, ease your concerns by giving this concern to your doctor. He may want to check you to make sure the child and yourself are being properly nourished.  Wishing you well with a lovely child.
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I Was 30 Weeks Pregnant, And I Had A Stillborn Set Of Twins,
Michael And Michelle Is What They Would Have Been Named. I Did
Not Know This Had Happened Nor Did I Even Wonder Because I Felt
My Babies Move Until They Were Born The Doctor's All Said It Must
Have Been A "Nerve Result" But To All The Mothers In The World Who
Have Lost There Dear Child I Am Very Sorry My Heart Goes Out To You
"Stillbirth-The Birth Of A Dead Fetus After The 28Th Week Of Pregnancy"
-Kara Kuhn.
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Slow weight gain could indicate one of two things: You are not being properly nourished or you are among the thousands of women who give birth daily who didn't gain weight until the last trimester of pregnancy. If your baby has died within your womb, you usually have symptoms such as bleeding, cramping, nausea, lack of fetal movement, and/or the onset of labor, as your body will reject the dead fetus and expel it from your uterus. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not recognize fetal movement until it's quite obvious. Check with your OB/GYN ASAP with your concerns, as he/she will be able to detect fetal heart tones on a Doppler device. If none can be detected, you will be sent immediately to the hospital for further testing.
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A still born baby is baby that isn't born alive. I feel for all you mothers that is greaving that loss .I too had to experience that terrible loss as well but I know my little bundle of joy is in a better place now . Mommy loves you and misses you.
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Ok everyone has a different meaning for a stillborn baby my daughter was born at 25 weeks of pregancy and died a few days later they told me she was stillborn because a misscarriage is a baby died in your womb
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"still born". A baby that is full term that has died when it is delivered.

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