How Long Does It Take A New Born Baby To See?


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Factually speaking a new born baby can indeed see. However how far the infant can see, do they distinguish between colours, objects and can they recognise a face is a matter of speculation. A new born baby can see its mother's eyes, nose and mouth. However an infant's perception of colour will develop much faster that their visual acuity, therefore a baby will be able to distinguish between two shades of pink much before they can distinguish faces. By two months a baby will start noting the differences in facial features and by four months should be able to recognise its mother's face.

Until recent times most people felt that infants cannot see very much. This is not a novel idea. In fact back in the nineteenth century a psychologist William James stated that the world of babies is a 'buzzing, booming confusion'. Many experimental and developmental psychologists have studied visual development but sadly very few of the latest baby books have published the new findings.
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A baby should see from inside the womb! So a newborn can see from the start. SHe may not see quite so clearly and distinctly as she will later. But when you hold a newborn in your arms she should be able to see your face pretty clearly. You may notice the baby staring at you when you hold her like that. Her vision will slowly start to get clearer and broader. You can stimulate her vision with bright colors and bold patterns, the black/white color combo is popular in baby toys. God bless
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One week
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After 8 months

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