How Can You Answer "Do You Have Any Questions"?


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The answer is always: No, but . . .  (and then either make a statement - like an expression of gratitude) or ask a question in a round-about way like, I was just curious . . . And so on.

The thing to bear in mind is that this is not a genuine question, but rather a way (often out of nervousness . . . And, yes, interviewers can be just as nervous as interviewees, sometimes moreso) to seem to end the conversation on a polite (sometimes erroneously called professional) note. What you are really trying to do at this stage is to let the interviewer off the hook in a way that both makes him/her feel at ease, but also demonstrates your own, social acumen.

Because the question does not really intend to elicit an answer (question), you need to be cautious about asking a question, and by all means it must be brief and innocuous (and definitely no demand or implied demands); and, to the extent possible, expressed not as a question but as a statement, such as: There's one thing that comes to mind and it's . . . .

Finally, understand that a  parting question such as, "Do you have a question?" can be a trap, intended to see if you are caught off guard or seem too anxious to get away; or how well or how clumsily you think on your feet. If uncertain or unrehearsed, it can be best to avoid answering by simply saying something like: "I appreciate your asking but I can't think of anything right now; but if we missed something, would it be okay if I contact you?"

If you handle such a parting parry well, you will generally know it soon enough. :) But if not, you will typically realize that as well. :(
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NEVER leave the interview without asking about the company, working conditions, retention, and anything that you find interesting about that job. After all, you are the one applying. Therefore, you must have a reason you want to work there. So ask and if you leave without asking the person, he will believe that you are NOT really interested and probably would not hire you. I know I would not!!
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The best questions to ask at the end of the interview when posed the question would be trying to find out what the organization is all about. Like you can ask about their working environment, organizational culture,  questions specifically related to the job. In short you may ask any questions that go on to show your interest level in performance.
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Just ask any question
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By giving a question.

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